EFM and Fibre Killer: New FTTC services, offering 320Mbps Download and 80Mbps Upload Speeds

Easynet have just raised the bar in the market for SME business based broadband services, offering (from July 2013) a staggering 320Mbps download and 80Mbps upload speeds with their new Etherstream V service.

Taking FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) technologies to the next level, Easynet are initially bonding 2 pairs (160Mbps down and 40Mbps up) and will, from July 2013, bonding 4 pairs offering 320Mbps download speed and 80Mbps upload speeds.

Ok, so you’ve heard it all before. Another bogus claim by another broadband provider. But Easynet are now guaranteeing 50% of these upload and download speed  as part of their SLA, with an 8 hour repair time guarantee.

Easynet are clearly keen to target the SME market for £300-400 per month Internet connectivity services and seem to be bridging the gap between residential broadband services (where there is no guarantee on upload and download speeds nor any guaranteed time to repair) and the EFM (£200-300 per month) and 10-50Mbps Fibre (from £450 per month) markets.

Availability is quite limited, with the service available to 66% of UK premises by the end of 2013 and 85% of UK businesses by the end of 2014. However, we expect this new service to be disruptive and to generate a fair amount of buzz in the market for SME business based Internet Access services.

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